Guarding your Roof: Gutter Repairs

Think of them as your roof’s plumbing system. Gutters catch all the rain and snow run-off and carry it off your roof to the ground. They also guard against corrosion, and the formation of water puddles. Let’s talk about how to keep your gutters in top performance with professional gutter repairs.

Guarding your Roof: Gutter Repairs

Why Getting Repairs is Important

Debris such as dried foliage, leaves, stems, and branches are common causes of gutter blockages. Scooping out the debris every fall or once in a while seems to be enough but it’s not sufficient.  Getting professional inspections helps you get the right repairs in time to prevent roof replacements and the accompanying costs.

Types of Gutter Problems and Repairs

When problems occur on the roof they are usually related to these issues.

1. Clogging

Clogging is caused by accumulated debris. It is most common during fall season. It’s the easiest to repair. All you need is to scoop it out or run high pressure water with a hose down the spouts. However, the roof may be too high up or expansive. In this case, it’s impossible to get all the debris out. You can get professionals to clean it out with telescopic gutter cleaners, vacuums, wire brushes, and gutter claws among other tools.

2. Damaged Gutters

Damage in gutters can occur in the form of loose fastening or missing fastener, changes in slope, chipping, rot and mildew or parts that break away. In this case, the fasteners have to be replaced. Mildew spots need cleaning with chemicals such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals.  When the gutter is too damaged, it calls for replacements.

Get a Leak Proof Guarantee for your Roof

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4 Reasons Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

The roof represents a significant component of your home. If it’s well-maintained through regular roof cleaning, it can serve you for long without having to think of a replacement. However, a dirty roof can cause major roofing issues down the road and this may end up being costly.

4 Reasons Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

1. Prevents roof damage
Your roof is always exposed to the elements which cause debris, dirt, green areas, and dark stains to collect on it. All these things lower your roof’s lifespan by deteriorating the shingle and causing wood rot. Cleaning your roof will get rid of the stains and other debris plus eliminate possible damage. This ensures that your roof structure is and remains well-protected.

2. Enhances curb appeal
Continual rain falling on your roof pales its appearance over time. The stains and dirt also make the roof and the general environment appear drab and ugly. Thorough roof cleaning will revitalize your home’s curb appeal. It will also increase your property’s value as it will be in pristine condition.

3. Extends roof life
A clean roof breathes new life into your roof. When it’s dirty, it leads to an assortment of problems such as gutter system obstruction, moss growth, and shingle weakening. Apart from staining, your roof will fade and have depressions. Holes in the roof may develop and cause leakage when it rains. Roof cleaning stops all these from happening.

4. Saves money
Regular roof cleaning helps save you costs associated with roof maintenance, repair, and replacement. A dirty roof degenerates fast and may require major repairs that can be avoided if spotted early. The difference between roof cleaning costs and roof replacement costs is too huge to even consider.

You will also save on your insurance installments if you maintain your property in good condition. If your insurance company sends an inspector to check the state of your house, and it’s found to be immaculate, the company will lower your premiums.

The Houston Roofing Group offers extensive roof cleaning services. Contact us today for more information on our professional roofing work.

Residential Insurance Restorations After Storms Damage Homes

If you live in the Houston area, you know that storms can cause a lot of damage to homes. Often, this damage is to the shingles on your roof, and you are going to need to make insurance claims to cover repair expenses. Some of the things that you need to know before getting help with residential insurance restorations for roof damage include:

Residential Insurance Restorations After Storms Damage Homes

Get a Professional Inspection and Written Estimate

The first step in dealing with the roof damage after a storm is to have an inspection done. This is something that you want to have done by qualified professionals. Issues that a Houston insurance restoration service will look for during the inspection include:

  • Signs of hailstone damage to shingles (or other roofing materials)
  • Wind damage to shingles and other materials on the roof
  • Excessive wear and leaks caused by storm damage
  • Structural issues in the roof structure caused by storms

The written estimates for restoration costs are important to make an insurance claim to cover repair costs. You want to provide the original estimate to your insurance adjuster before the work begins to repair your home.

Find Out What Damage Your Insurance Covers

There are different home insurance policies that cover various roof damage issues. Thus, you want to find out what problems your insurance policy coverage will cover. Usually, insurance policies will cover the following damage to Houston roofs:

  • Wind damage repairs
  • Structural repairs due to storms
  • Repairing damage to other materials on the roof

The damage that insurance covers may depend on the area you live in and the type of home insurance policy you have.

Schedule a Roof Restoration Service to Complete Repairs

You are also going to need to schedule a roofing service to complete the repairs that need to be done. Things you need to do before you schedule the roof restoration service include:

  • Obtain financing to cover the initial restoration costs
  • Decide if emergency repairs are needed now
  • Rent a roll-off dumpster container to deal with waste

If recent storms have caused damage to a lot of homes and businesses in your neighborhood, it may take some time for the restoration service to get to your property. This is why you want to schedule an appointment with the roof restoration service as soon as possible.

Complete the Roof Restoration and File Insurance Claims

Lastly, you are going to need to complete your insurance claims. There may have been extra repairs and costs that need to be reported to the insurance adjuster and added to the claim. Some of  the extra costs that may need to be claimed include:

  • Structural repairs that were not in the original estimate
  • Updating the structure to meet modern building code standards
  • Repairs for damage that was not seen until roofing was removed

These are extras that often have to be claimed to your insurance after repairs have been completed.

The problems with your roof may require extensive renovations rather than simple repairs. Contact a residential insurance restoration service to help to fix these issues when storms cause damage to your Houston home.

3 Visible Signs your Business Requires Hail Roof Repair

Though some people may shrug off the damage by weather elements, it does harm your roof significantly. Any delays in hail damage roof repair will only be a problem unresolved that could only get worse. How then can you tell your business requires hail roof repair?

3 Visible Signs your Business Requires Hail Roof Repair

The signs

As a business owner, you may be limited in your knowledge of roofing matters, but these pointers will inform you of any upcoming roof repair after hailstorm.

1. Check your gutters, sidings, downspouts, and flashing: Big or small dents to your gutters and sidings signify roof damage. So do any build-up in downspouts and gutters. Indentations in the downspouts and flashing are another sign.
2. Damage to outdoor items or car: Check for dings or dents that were previously not there.
3. Scrutinize any painted wood surfaces outside your premises: Any chipped paint on your wooden surfaces can signal a need for roof hail damage repair.

However, for a thorough assessment, a roofing professional like The Houston Group LLC will help you identify the extent of damage and document it. In the meantime, think of how to repair car roof hail damage.

Contact your insurance

Before conducting hail damage roof repair, insurance claim is the next step. It would help if you availed supporting documentation that captures the exterior and roof. Contact your insurance company as soon as you can so that they can send an insurance adjuster to check the damage.

Reach out to a roofing contractor

Since you are now thinking of roofing hail damage repair,  will already have assessed the damage. We will now help you with the quotation of how much the repairs will cost.

Why Us, The Houston Roofing Group LLC?

We are experienced professionals in commercial roofing repairs. Our hail damage roof repair team is reliable, efficient, and diligent. In case you are wondering, “Which is the hail damage roof repair near me?” We are. Trust us to protect your business fully. Do not hesitate to contact us today.


How Metal Roofing Stands Up Best to a Hurricane

While Houston doesn’t get as battered by hurricanes as other areas in the Gulf, we have our fair share. As such, when it comes time for new roofing, hurricane considerations for roofing should always be kept in mind. While there are a number of sturdy options from slate and ceramic tile all the way to the lowly shingle, when it comes to hurricane resistance and protection, metal roofing stands as the king.

How Metal Roofing Stands Up Best to A Hurricane

Benefits of Metal Roofing in a Hurricane

Every roofing material has its own set of benefit for different situations, but it just so happens metal roofing has the most benefits when it comes to extreme weather.

Wind Resistance

While metal roofing is heavier than some other options, that works in its benefit when hurricane force winds start blowing. Furthermore, as metal roofing isn’t a layered material, there are no flaps that wind can get under and easily blow away the covering. Both of these aspects combined give metal roofing a wind resistance of up to 160 MPH.


Wind resistance is often an unexpected benefit of metal roofing, but there is one thing you can expect when you have sheets of metal on your roof – durability. While metal roofing can’t stop a whole tree from doing damage if it is heavy enough, smaller branches and debris from the storm will be unlikely to cause much damage to it. You can expect some denting, but that is infinitely less damage than what can happen to some other materials after just a bit of high speed debris exposure.

Leak Resistance

As there are no shingles to blow away and metal roofing often looks like one solid sheet, it is much less likely to leak. Providing it was sealed properly when it was installed, leaking during a hurricane isn’t something you will ever need to worry about with a metal roof in a storm.

Are you interested in metal roofing to make your home hurricane safe? Contact us today to see what Houston Roofing Group can do to help.

Navigating The Insurance Process for Residential Roofing Restoration

If your roof naturally ages and needs repair, your insurance won’t be covering the costs. However, if the roof became damaged — not from age — but from a force of nature, you may be able to use your insurance coverage to restore it. Unfortunately, while many home insurance policies cover roof damage, navigating the insurance process is never a simple affair.

Navigating The Insurance Process for Residential Roofing Restoration

How the Residential Insurance Claim Process Works

If your roof has been damaged and you believe it may be covered by insurance, it can be a major boon to work with a roofing company. As roofing insurance claims can be tricky, many companies have started to work with homeowners through all throughout the process, not just through the repair. We at the Houston Roofing Group are dedicated to helping you each step of the way, including letting you know what to expect from it.

  • Inspection — Every roof repair starts with the inspection. We will come out and investigate the damage and tell you whether it is likely if it will be covered by your insurance company.
  • Contacting the Insurance Company — After the inspection, we will sit down and go through your specific policy with you to ensure that the damage to your roof is covered. Afterwards, we will call your insurance company together and walk you through making the claim.
  • Meeting With the Adjuster — When the adjuster comes out, you won’t be alone. We will have a representative there just to make sure they don’t try to pull the wool over your eyes.
  • Pricing and Making a Claim — After the adjuster sets what will be covered by your insurance, then we will give you an estimate and help you make the claim before the repair even begins.

The insurance process is difficult to begin with, but by having someone who knows roofing in and out by your side every step of the way can help you be a little more at ease with it. Contact us today to see how we at Houston Roofing Group can help you get your damaged roof repaired.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofer?

Why do business with a roofer in your area? Does your roof need inspection or repair? Do not choose just anyone to do the work, because a roof requires special care to properly protect your home, business, or factory. Here are 4 good reasons to do business with a local roofer for the installation and maintenance of your roof!

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofer?

1. You have easier access to references

Insurance, permits, licenses, positive reviews, and customer satisfaction comes easy when you choose a roofer who has made their mark in the region. In particular, you can see the work done with your own eyes by taking a short walk around your neighborhood!

2. You avoid compliance issues

The building rules and the peculiarities specific to your municipality are familiar to roofers accustomed to working there. As a result, the chances of your roof not meeting your city’s regulations – and needing to be altered or completely redone – are greatly reduced. In other words, if you want peace of mind when it comes to legality, hire local professionals!

3. You get faster service in an emergency

A severe thunderstorm, gusts, an ice storm, or a heavy broken tree branch, for example, can seriously damage your roof and require immediate intervention. Under these circumstances, calling a local roofer just makes sense! They will quickly come to assess the damage (useful for making your insurance claim) and carry out the necessary work without delay.

4. You benefit from an incomparable customer experience

Doing business with a local roofing company ensures you will have a convenient and pleasant experience. Small teams take a unique approach to a roofing project. If you want to build a long-term relationship with a roofer who takes your needs and budget into consideration, choose a local full-service contractor. The Houston Roofing Group is a premier family-owned commercial roofing company with several years of experience in the Houston, TX area.

Call us today to discuss your project or complete a quote request!

How to Protect Your Roof from Storms

Storms are one of the worst phenomenons that can cause the most damage to the roofs of homes each year. Heavy gusts accompanied by heavy rainfall and thunderstorms can damage roofs in no time. And, despite strong materials, the wear and tear of time and climatic changes will not improve the condition of the roofs. Here are some tips to anticipate the worst and better protect your roof.


What are the risks involved with a old roof?

By being exposed to wind and bad weather, a roof will show signs of damage. The greatest danger to a weakened roof is the quality of roofing materials. And a house without a roof will lose its seal against water and air. Water infiltrating your roof also puts you at great risk. Wind and rain are not the only dangers to a roof during stormy weather. Sometimes high winds can knock down a tree or cause objects to fly and throw them onto your roof.

How to prevent deterioration in your roof

It is important that you check your roof regularly, even when the weather is good. Looking from the outside, try to identify what could cause more damage, especially after heavy gusts. In general, a new house has very good tiles, so it also has a strong roof. However, in the event that the tiles do not attach, it could be a construction error. You can verify this by taking a look at the fasteners and ridges of the roof. If you see that the tiles are not fixing properly, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Who to entrust the work to?

If you think your coverage needs work, your best bet is always to call a professional. And even just for a simple check, hiring a roofer is always a good idea. Depending on the exposure to wind and rain, or if the location of your home is in a sensitive area that experiences storms often, it is imperative that you reinforce your roof. And for any reinforcement or renovation work, The Houston Roofing Group can help you have more security and a safer roof.

Contact us today for a free quote to get started!

Common Questions about Roof Repairs with Insurance

We all know how unpredictable the Houston area weather can be. Rain, hurricanes, high winds, even hail can all cause sudden and severe roof damage to property. As your home’s primary protection from the elements, your roof is essential. Damage to your roof requires immediate attention. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your home’s insurance policy before disaster strikes and develop a plan for what to do if it does. Your roof is a large investment; make sure you’re entrusting it to capable, experienced contractors like The Houston Roofing Group.

Insurance Roof Repairs

Here are some common questions we receive about roof repairs with insurance to home roofs:

Does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover roof repairs?

Common Questions about Roof Repairs with Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies cover roof repair and replacement if the damage is the result of an act of nature or other accidental event. For instance, if your roof is damaged by hail or a tree branch, your insurance would likely cover the repairs. It won’t cover the cost to repair or replace a roof that hasn’t been maintained or is experiencing normal deterioration due to age. If you’re not sure about an issue you’re experiencing with your roof, call your insurance company or contact us at The Houston Roofing Group for an expert evaluation of your roof.

Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to pay for roof repair or replacement myself?

In our experience, customers who file on their insurance typically save between $10,00o and $20,000. That’s no small amount, and is worth some time and investigation. You can always contact us if you have questions about a roof repair or replacement.

Won’t my insurance premiums go up if I file a claim?

Unlike auto insurance, there is no penalty for filing a claim on your homeowner’s insurance when your roof has storm related damages. Texas state law prohibits rates from going up for damages related to “acts of God.”

I don’t really understand the insurance process. How do I know I’m getting a fair amount for my roof?

This is where the caliber of your roofing company truly shows. At The Houston Roofing Group, we will sit down with you, go over your policy, and make sure you have the proper roof coverages. We’ll also inform you of your deductible amount and then call the insurance company together to set up the claim. A member of our team will meet with your insurance company’s adjuster on the roof and be your advocate. We will also agree on a general scope of work with the insurance adjuster. Typically, about two weeks after meeting with the insurance adjuster, you’ll receive the insurance company’s estimate.  We will go over the estimate step-by-step with you to make sure you understand everything and answer all of your questions.

For more information about roof repairs with insurance, check out our FAQs page and read what our customers are saying. When disaster strikes your roof, be ready to make the call to The Houston Roofing Group.

10 Common Roofing Issues

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your roof much thought. Until something goes wrong. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 20 years. This can be affected by severe weather and environmental factors. Maintenance is key to getting the most longevity from your residential roof.  Keep an eye out for these common roofing issues to help prevent more costly repairs and to help you be more knowledgeable about when it might be time to replace your roof.

10 Common Roofing Issues

  1. Leaks: Even a well-installed roof can experience a leak. Take a look at your roof, or peek in your attic from time to time to spot any places where water might be entering. Moisture can become trapped in your attic and walls, causing mold and mildew in addition to rot.
  2. Lifted Shingles: Hurricanes and other severe weather with high winds can lift the flashing, tiles, or shingles on your roof. These need to be nailed back down and/or re-sealed. If not repaired promptly, they can lead to greater damage and more expensive repairs.
  3. Pooling Water: A low spot on your roof can allow water to collect and sit, seeping into your home over time. Keeping your gutters in good repair, as well as installing metal flashing in the right spots, can help prevent standing water on your roof.
  4. Holes: Holes can occur for a many reasons. High winds can slam debris into your roof. Trees may be planted a bit too close. Whatever the cause, holes in your roof can lead to a variety of issues – from water damage to insect or animal infestations.
  5. Poor Repairs: Defective repair jobs can cause more damage than they fix. A temporary patch is just that – temporary. Be sure to choose a reputable roofing contractor like The Houston Roofing Group for a fair assessment of what needs to be done, as well as expert repairs. Remember, a good repair now can save you money over the life of your roof.
  6. Losing Granules: Asphalt shingles have small granules to absorb heat from the sun and protect the roof. Over time, as these granules fall off, your roof’s integrity is compromised. Granule loss happens naturally over time, as a roof ages, but you should be on the lookout for bald patches on your roof.
  7. Animals: Small rodents and wildlife are a common threat to roofs, as they may try to burrow or nest there. Be aware of any animal activity on your roof and take prompt action if you notice that the local wildlife has taken an interest in your home.
  8. Tree Damage: Another common roof threat is damage caused by trees. If a tree is becoming overgrown, even small windstorms can break a limb over your roof, causing holes and other damage. Keeping trees near the house trimmed back can help to alleviate this. But, don’t completely remove the tree unless absolutely necessary. Trees can offer shading and some rain protection for your roof.
  9. Poor Ventilation: A badly ventilated attic affects your roof from the underside. Trapped heat can essentially “bake” your roof causing cracks. Poor ventilation can also allow water to freeze and melt repetitively, separating your flashing from the roof and allowing more damage.
  10. Lack of Maintenance: By now, you may have come to the realization that many of the most common roof issues can be resolved with simple maintenance. Contact The Houston Roofing Group today for a roof inspection and begin the habit of caring for your roof the way you care for the rest of your home.