3 Ways That Heat Can Affect Your Roof

It can get pretty hot during the summer months, and this heat can actually be pretty damaging to your roof. Here are three ways that heat can affect your roof.

3 Ways That Heat Can Affect Your Roof

UV Rays

The UV rays that the sun puts off can actually be very damaging to your roof. The UV rays are much stronger during the summer and hit your roof at full impact. This is even true on days when there are clouds in the sky, and it is more overcast. The penetrating UV rays can cause the materials that your roof is made out of to break down faster because it causes the materials to decay. It can cause the wood to become bleached, the protective oils to dry out, and the shingles to bend and crack.

High Temperatures

It can get very hot outside during the summer, and this can cause your roof to become even hotter. This is especially true if your roof is darker in color. These extremely high temperatures can cause your roof to break down at a much faster rate than it otherwise would, and will lead you to have to perform a lot of repairs and even replacements, much sooner.

High Humidity

Lastly, the high humidity levels in the air during the summer months can also be very damaging to your roof. The humidity can cause your roof to become both hot and moist, which is a very bad combination. This can create rot on your roof, which will break down the wood and make it unstable. The humidity can also cause moisture to build up under your shingles, which can also lead to roof leaks.

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