Guarding your Roof: Gutter Repairs

Think of them as your roof’s plumbing system. Gutters catch all the rain and snow run-off and carry it off your roof to the ground. They also guard against corrosion, and the formation of water puddles. Let’s talk about how to keep your gutters in top performance with professional gutter repairs.

Guarding your Roof: Gutter Repairs

Why Getting Repairs is Important

Debris such as dried foliage, leaves, stems, and branches are common causes of gutter blockages. Scooping out the debris every fall or once in a while seems to be enough but it’s not sufficient.  Getting professional inspections helps you get the right repairs in time to prevent roof replacements and the accompanying costs.

Types of Gutter Problems and Repairs

When problems occur on the roof they are usually related to these issues.

1. Clogging

Clogging is caused by accumulated debris. It is most common during fall season. It’s the easiest to repair. All you need is to scoop it out or run high pressure water with a hose down the spouts. However, the roof may be too high up or expansive. In this case, it’s impossible to get all the debris out. You can get professionals to clean it out with telescopic gutter cleaners, vacuums, wire brushes, and gutter claws among other tools.

2. Damaged Gutters

Damage in gutters can occur in the form of loose fastening or missing fastener, changes in slope, chipping, rot and mildew or parts that break away. In this case, the fasteners have to be replaced. Mildew spots need cleaning with chemicals such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals.  When the gutter is too damaged, it calls for replacements.

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