How Metal Roofing Stands Up Best to a Hurricane

While Houston doesn’t get as battered by hurricanes as other areas in the Gulf, we have our fair share. As such, when it comes time for new roofing, hurricane considerations for roofing should always be kept in mind. While there are a number of sturdy options from slate and ceramic tile all the way to the lowly shingle, when it comes to hurricane resistance and protection, metal roofing stands as the king.

How Metal Roofing Stands Up Best to A Hurricane

Benefits of Metal Roofing in a Hurricane

Every roofing material has its own set of benefit for different situations, but it just so happens metal roofing has the most benefits when it comes to extreme weather.

Wind Resistance

While metal roofing is heavier than some other options, that works in its benefit when hurricane force winds start blowing. Furthermore, as metal roofing isn’t a layered material, there are no flaps that wind can get under and easily blow away the covering. Both of these aspects combined give metal roofing a wind resistance of up to 160 MPH.


Wind resistance is often an unexpected benefit of metal roofing, but there is one thing you can expect when you have sheets of metal on your roof – durability. While metal roofing can’t stop a whole tree from doing damage if it is heavy enough, smaller branches and debris from the storm will be unlikely to cause much damage to it. You can expect some denting, but that is infinitely less damage than what can happen to some other materials after just a bit of high speed debris exposure.

Leak Resistance

As there are no shingles to blow away and metal roofing often looks like one solid sheet, it is much less likely to leak. Providing it was sealed properly when it was installed, leaking during a hurricane isn’t something you will ever need to worry about with a metal roof in a storm.

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