Roof Ice and Water Damage

One of the tell-tale signs that your roof needs repair is leaking during or after a storm. The type of repairs that are needed due to ice and water damage may not be immediately ascertained by the untrained eye, but here are some clues that you may be dealing with a larger problem and how you should consider going about fixing it.

Roof Ice and Water Damage

What to Look For Outside and Inside

We don’t recommend climbing ladders or attempting to walk around your roof by yourself or without a professional roofer in tow. Roofing can be unstable following a storm or the underlying structure could be compromised. However, if you can see from the ground missing shingles, clogged gutters or any damage to the roof, you clearly have an issue. If you are unable to see the roofing structure from the ground and still want to get a closer look, enlist the help of a friend or associate, and carefully inspect the roof. If you see things like moldy roof tiles or vegetation growing out of the gutters, these could also contribute to ice build up or water damage. Inside the structure, look for water damage on the ceilings where the walls meet the ceiling and puddling on the floor. Indoor mold could also be a sign of a compromised roof.

How to Fix the Damage

Professional repairs are often needed once there is water damage inside the structure. This may require minor repairs or they could become costly if large sections of the roofing have become compromised. To avoid this type of repair, we recommend regular maintenance, including gutter cleaning, debris removal and inspection of the structure. By completing this type of routine care, you can avoid issues like ice damming and poor drainage causing you costly repairs.

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