Trust The Experts For Your Leaky Roof Repair Services

They say that a house is only as strong as the roof- so is your business. A quality, reliable roof separates the interior of your business with the external elements helping you focus on your day-to-day activities. If you own a commercial building, you want to protect your valuable asset at all costs. As such, once you spot a leak, you do not want to wait. You want to have it fixed at your earliest convenience. Fortunately, The Houston Roofing Group LLC is a certified commercial roofing service provider serving Houston, TX, and beyond. We are trained, licensed, certified, experienced and dedicated to offering you quality and reliable services.

Trust The Experts For Your Leaky Roof Repair Services

Common Causes Of Commercial Roof Leaks

Poor or No Drainage

When installing commercial roofs, roofing contractors should pay attention to where and how the water will drain. Failure to do this, you might have water ponding on your roof, which is a significant structural and safety concern. Besides, there are several points of vulnerability when it comes to draining commercial property roofs. These include the gutters, drains, scuppers, and downspouts that need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to guarantee a free water flow.

An Old Roof

Mostly, commercial roofing systems last 15 to 20 years, depending on the brand quality and maintenance practices. Sure. A regular maintenance program can go a long way in extending your roof’s longevity. All the same, there comes a time when replacing it is the ideal option.

A Damaged Membrane

Commercial buildings are equipped with waterproof membranes. At one time, the layer might start to wear off due to foot traffic, weather, or mechanical damage. When this happens, water might seep through and drench the underlying surface. Sometimes, a quick patch will do the trick, while other times, you might be required to replace large portions of the membrane.

Choose The Roof Leak Experts!

The Houston Roofing Group LLC understands that, like most of our clients, you probably operate on a tight schedule and barely have time for your roof. That is why we offer to take the weight off your shoulders, giving you more time to manage your business and serve your clients.  If you need roof repair services in Houston, TX, do not hesitate to contact The Houston Roofing Group today!