Residential Insurance Restoration

Our Process

When you experience storm damages to your residential roof, you need someone on your side to help you navigate the insurance claim process. When you contact The Houston Roofing Group, we will set up a time inspect your roof and help you understand what your insurance covers and how we can help restore your home and life to normal.

During the inspection we will take pictures of any storm-related damage to share with you, the homeowner.

If we see enough damage, we will advise calling your homeowner’s insurance company. We will sit down with you, go over your policy, and make sure you have the proper roof coverages in your policy. We will also inform you of your deductible amount. We will then call the insurance company together and set up the claim.

The Houston Roofing Group will meet with your insurance company’s adjuster on the roof and be your advocate. We will also agree on a general scope of work with the insurance adjuster.

Typically, about two weeks after meeting with the insurance adjuster, you will receive the insurance company’s estimate via mail or email.  We will then go step-by-step over the estimate with you, finish filling out our contract, and help you pick out shingle colors. You’ll be placed on our build schedule to have your roof repaired.

Advantages of Filing an Insurance Claim

  • Using insurance generally saves our clients on average $10,000-$20,000
  • Unlike auto insurance, there is no penalty for filing a claim on your homeowner’s insurance company when your roof has storm related damages. Texas state law prohibits rates from going up for damages related to “acts of God.”

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